Millennium Trek

The Millennium Trek,  also known as Mid-hill Ridgeline Trek, lies on the southeast of Pokhara and northeast of Walling Bazaar. Like the Himalayan region and urban centers, the mid-hill ridges are  rich in natural beauty and cultural heritage. The hills and mountains of the mid-hill ridges remain almost untouched with its splendor preserved. Visitors start their trek at 420m above sea level and reach an altitude of 1709m. Along the trek, you will pass through more than 30 colorful villages of the Tanahun and Syangja district. With our knowledgeable guides, you can be sure to have a safe, enjoyable trek experiencing various cultures and landscapes.

Features and Highlights

The standard itinerary is 5 nights and 6 days, but the length of your trip can be tailored to your preference.

  • Spectacular views of mid-ridge mountain ranges and pristine landscapes
  • Feasible for all age groups and free of mountain sickness
  • Friendly cultural exchange with Nepali communities
  • Access to main roads for the majority of the trek in case of an emergency.
  • Authentic Nepali hospitality
  • Opportunity to taste local cuisine
  • Cozy Nepali style accommodations

Major Attractions

Millennium Trek in central Nepal offers a variety of landscapes to take in during your trek. From beautiful mountain views of the Himalayan ranges such as Kanjiroba and Ganesh Himal to the mesmerizing sunsets and sunrises, you’re sure to be captivated. On your trek, you will have the opportunity to enjoy dancing, food and drinks with the local groups such as the Gurung and Magars, as well as taking a peek at the natural cave of the Dhorbarahi temple, the Millennium cave. Here you will experience underground waterfalls, ancient temples, monasteries and historical forts. You’ll hike through sites of exotic flora and local wildlife. You should also know, this trekking route is not as tough as the other major trekking trails of Nepal. With all that it has to offer, it might be hard to believe the route is virtually untouched and unknown by both tourist and locals alike.

Facilities and Services

  • Homestay/community  lodges
  • Telephone and electricity
  • Healthpost and schools
  • Grocery shops


Day 1. Pokhara – Dulegounda (22 km drive) and trek to Pyuri Dobhan
Day 2. Pyuri Dobhan – Gharedi
Day 3. Gharedi – Pokharichhap (Kolma)
Day 4. Pokharichhap – Pyarsing
Day 5. Pyarsing – via Dulegounda back to Pokhara
Number of days can be adjusted according your wishes.
Image Caption – Experience the serene early morning view of Kolma

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The beautiful view at Kolma early in the morning…

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